The Waterfront Collection

Basking Ferry Boats • 24×24 • oil on canvas • $625 • purchase this painting
Lobster Boat Dock • 24×24 • oil on canvas • $625.00 • purchase this painting
Cruising by Munjoy Hill • 24×36 • oil on canvas • $775 • purchase link

I went for a long afternoon walk a couple of weeks ago down on the Portland waterfront. I meandered down and around all of the piers looking for some inspiration. It was freezing out, but the afternoon light was so warm bouncing off of the water and the boats. There were so many colors and so many things to take in–seagulls, docks, ropes, boats, reflections, buildings.

I couldn’t resist painting the iconic Casco Bay Ferry boats that were lined up in the sunlight with the 2 sea taxis docked in the foreground. And the other one I couldn’t say no to was the docked lobster boat with all of the buoys, barrels, buckets and ropes. So cool! I also added another Munjoy Hill painting into this waterfront collection–you know how I love my neighborhood, and seeing it from the ferry boat is always a treat!