The Portland Observatory

Munjoy Hill from the Water • 24×30 • oil on canvas • SOLD
Autumn Observatory • 6×6 • oil on canvas • $95 • purchase link
The Top of the Hill • 24×30 • oil on canvas • SOLD

My favorite city landmark is without a doubt the Portland Observatory. I love the way it stands so tall and proud, keeping watch over my neighborhood, the city and Casco Bay. And the burnt orange shingle siding and the teal trim are just so happy. Simply put, the Observatory brings me joy every single day. I try to climb up to the top at least once a year to admire the amazing view and to remember the cool history behind it. It was built in 1807 and was a signaling tower that would raise flags to notify merchants in town about the ships that were headed in t the docks. Here are a few paintings of the Observatory from different vantage points. I hope you enjoy them!