Thank you!

gratefulforyouThank you all for your love & support!  I was able to raise all of the moola needed to pay our Calvin vet bill.  Thank you!  I am so grateful for your positive thoughts, kind words & support of my artwork.  XOXO

Calvin is doing ok.  We tried to ween him off of his medication & ran into some trouble … his little body was in so much pain, we weren’t able to do it.  He is back on a lower dosage for awhile & we are keeping him on strict doggy bed rest. His little spirits are good & he is enjoying all of the extra pets & cuddles. We also started some acupuncture treatments with him & he seems to be liking those. Our hope is that with a little more time & rest, his little body will heal to a point where he will not to be on medication and he can enjoy his neighborhood doggy walks again.

The Calvin Sale will run through September, so check it out, or email me to arrange a visit to the studio.  XOXO  Thanks again!


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