SURPRISE — It’s an Art Share!

Sully says that Elizabeth’s “Art Shares” are the “it” gift of the season!

Many of us are familiar with Farm Shares or CSAs (Community Supported Agriculture)  where you buy a share of a farm’s crop before the season begins & then you receive weekly deliveries of the crops as they become available.  It’s such a fun concept!  Well, this “Art Share” is similar in concept.  You buy a daily painting share & as the year goes on you get 5×5 inch oil on canvas paintings that are created just for you.  The catch is that you do not know exactly what you are going to get.  Your Art Share can begin on any date you request & will continue every other month for as long as you specify (or more frequently if you choose 8 or 10 paintings).

1.  First you pick a theme.

2.  Then you pick a quantity of 5×5 paintings.

3.  Then you pick a delivery date.

4.  Then e-mail me  your 1, 2 & 3 options!  🙂


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