Pets & Sunsets 9

Dog Wash & Treehouse Sunset

12×12 • oil on canvas • Pet SOLD – Sunset $200

This little pup rolled in turkey poo & needed a bath.  Ha!  They can be soooooo lovable and disgusting at the same time.  :-). And here’s a Fripp Island sunset next to the treehouse where I’ve been all month–such a treat to enjoy this South Carolina landscape and sunshine.

The sunset painting is open to all–click here for purchase.

THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR PHOTO SUBMISSIONS!  This concludes my pets & sunsets contest–if you submitted a photo & I did not get to paint it, I will have a special offer for you tomorrow and I will post all 18 paintings for you to check out in a grid.  :-). Thanks again–I am grateful for you for playing along &  for your support!  xoxo

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