Pets & Pottery

Huckleberry 6×6 oil on canvas SOLD

At my potters wheel 🙂

I can’t believe January is coming to a close. Time certainly does fly when you are having fun … and aside from a week long nasty cold, I have been having fun! I have been busy with pet portraits and pottery and not much else. Yep, you heard me right–I said pottery. 🙂 I am taking a beginning pottery class at Portland Pottery and am having a blast. It’s fun to learn something new and to play with the clay. It’s so hard and requires a lot of focus, but I love how present I am with my time in the pottery studio and how meditative the process is. Actually, that’s what I love about making art in general. Here’s a pic of some recent throwing on the potters wheel and a couple of pet portraits too. Sending love & smiles to you! 🙂

Stattler & Waldorf 9×12 oil on canvas SOLD