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Pedal • linoleum block print • 6×4 printed on 8×6.25 paper • $50 each / 4 for $150

It was so fun to get back into some printmaking!  I had taken a LONG break from block printing because I hurt my shoulder by printing/burnishing by hand.  I now have a small press that made the job physically easier on me.  🙂   This is a reduction linoleum cut of a bike … which means I carved from 1 block only!  I printed the bright colors first & then cut away everything from the block except for what I wanted to remain black … and voila!  I have 3 of each color available.  Just let me know your color preference when you purchase.  All proceeds will go to the American Lung Association.  Free Shipping!  And of course they are signed & numbered.  🙂

Purchase 1 block print (specify color in order)

Purchase 4 block prints (1 of each color)


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