Morning Meditation

Morning Meditation • 6×6 • oil on canvas • SOLD

I’ve been thinking about you a lot, but just had to step away from posting here and on social media for awhile, as I tried to figure out how to navigate the heaviness of the world and the loss of a loved one–my partner’s sweet dad passed away in July. It’s been a tough stretch … for everyone, hasn’t it? One moment at a time is all we can do. xox

My motivation disappeared and so many things felt overwhelming, so I tried to be gentle with myself and take cues to help me through what felt hard. After a summer and fall of outdoor time spent with family and friends, time on the water and in nature, snuggles with pets, an occasional afternoon nap, getting back into the Portland Pottery studio (I started taking pottery classes last January), riding my bike and taking (outdoor) spin classes again, I feel as though I am regaining my footing and that sense of routine that I had lost and so desperately need. And just recently I joined the Art Queens, a community of women artists, which has been great for inspiration and connecting. It feels so good to get some of my mojo back.

Summer fun on Casco Bay with my partner! 🙂

I have certainly been painting over the past 4 months, and I am beyond grateful for all of your orders and support! You have really kept me going and helped me stay present and working regularly in my studio. Thank you so very much for that! xox Truly. It really is an honor for me to get to paint your beloved pets and places that are special to you.

With my renewed energy, I hope to be sharing new work with you regularly. The Morning Meditation piece above is inspired by one of the many spectacular sunrises I have witnessed over the past 6 months. You know how I feel about sunrises. :-). There are certainly more to come.

As members of my e-list, you will be given the first opportunity to purchase new paintings. They will not be offered on social media until the day after the email is sent, so take advantage of that perk if something grabs you. 🙂

Here are a few of the fun pieces I got to paint for you recently. :-). Thank you.

If you are interested in joining me on social media, I’d love that! I am currently most active on instagram: @fraserartstudio.

Hope you are well and taking good care of yourself during these trying times. You are in my thoughts & heart. Be well. In love, paint & gratitude, xoxo Elizabeth