For the Love of Seals

For the Love of Seals • 6×6 • oil on canvas • SOLD

I was out on my paddleboard a couple of days ago for an evening paddle.  As I weaved through the moored sailboats off the East End Beach I noticed an unusual amount of debris and seaweed floating around, and some plastic trash too, which I of course collected to dispose of properly.  I also spotted something big bobbing around.  I kept an eye on it and determined that it must be a log and I kept on paddling.  On my way back around I saw the “log” again.  The light was hitting just right and I could see that it was a seal.

This poor baby was struggling to breathe. Ugh.  My heart sank and I watched for a minute before determining I had better call for help.  I sat down on my board, opened up my dry bag for my smartphone and googled who to call for a seal in distress.  Marine Mammals of Maine popped up and I called and left a message–a volunteer returned my call within 5 minutes and asked me to send a video of the animal and a description of my exact location.  I sent them a video and my location and thanked them.  At this point they were tracking reports but their facility was full.  I sat on my board feeling sad and helpless for this seal and the many others that have been washing up on Maine beaches this week.  The sun began to set and I paddled in with a heavy heart.

I followed the correct protocol but I wish I could have done more for that seal.  Here’s my attempt to do a little more.  50% of the proceeds from this painting went to Marine Mammals of Maine.  We must do better for our planet, the animals and all of us.

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