Fog at the Basin, Vinalhaven


Fog at the Basin, Vinalhaven – 5×5 – oil on canvas – SOLD

I got to witness some moody, misty weather on the island which was so cool! I rode my bike down to Granite Island Preserve on Tuesday afternoon to walk in the woods & check out the shoreline of the Basin.  I had walked a bunch of trails at this point, but here the earth below my feet was soft like pillows & the smell of pine was delicious. It was amazing! And when I arrived at the first lookout I was greeted by what sounded like barking dogs. After some searching, I realized there were several seals perched on a ledge talking at me. They were so cute! They splashed a little and made some more noise and then sat quietly observing.  What an awesome experience.  I just love fog and mist on the Maine coast!

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