Critter Collection

Sun Seekers • 16×16 • oil on canvas

BFFs on the Beach at Sunset • 16×16 • oil on canvas
Cat Nap • 16×16 • oil on canvas

I get to paint so many adorable critters as commissions and I don’t often make time to paint my own precious fur babies. Well, this week I am sharing my own little pet portrait collection that I did at the beginning of the summer of Zoe, Calvin (he moved on 2 yrs ago), Fonzi (black cat) & Chickpea. It’s so much fun to have them hanging on our walls which is why I thought I’d take this time to remind you that pet portraits make very special gifts & the holidays are sneaking up, so place your order SOON & be a holiday HERO! 🙂

Order a Pet Portrait for the Holidays!