Spring Point Etching

Spring Point • 5×7 • etching • $45

My first etching on my press!  :-). I actually worked on the copper plate of this image in the fall & chickened out of printing more than a couple of trial runs.  Today I got my nerve up & printed a series of 8 of these.  They are all printed from the same copper plate on archival paper, but they vary slighty as they are done by hand–the beauty of printmaking!  The paper size is approximately 8×12.  They will all be signed & numbered (but weren’t ready for that at the time I took the picture).  I love Spring Point Light!

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Spring at the Head Light

Spring at the Head Light • 4×6 • monoprint, oil on paper • $35

I just can’t get enough of the Head Light.  🙂  It doesn’t really matter at what angle you view it from, it”s just a striking Portland landmark.  So much beauty at Fort Williams.  Soon all of the snow will be gone & the grass will turn from brown to green & kite flyers will litter the fields–I am looking forward to that!

Comes sleeved on archival mat board/signed & numbered 1/1.

 Paper size is approx 7×9.

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Islands by Night

Islands by Night • oil on paper, mono print • 4×6, paper size 7×9 • $35

I was playing with my press & the monoprint process of a starry night scene, which I always love to paint!  I love the mystery of it all & not knowing what the press will do to the painting I put down on plexi.  🙂

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Summer Sunset

Summer Sunset • oil on paper, mono print • 4×6, paper approx 7×9 • SOLD

I’m having fun painting on plexi & printing the image on my press.  It’s totally thrilling to me!  Here’s a Penobscot Bay Summer sunset & there’s a daytime scene below.  🙂


Summer Day on the Coast • oil on paper, mono print • 4×6, paper approx 7×9 • SOLD


Fruit and Pitcher

About 10 years ago I took an etching workshop & ever since, I have been obsessed with having a press in my studio.  Well, a year and a half ago I purchased one & it has been sitting in my studio just staring at me.  I’ve kind of been afraid to use it.  NO MORE … I have decided to play with it as much as I can for the month of March & beyond!

Yesterday I did a little still life drawing, placed the drawing under a 4×6 inch piece of plexiglass & then painted the still life on the plexi.  From here, I ran the painted plexi through the press onto some thick archival paper.  I did this 4 different times, creating 4 one of a kind pieces of the same subject matter.  This gave me a chance to see how it all worked.   I had a blast getting lost in something completely new.  I hope you like them!  You can purchase one individually for $35  or purchase them as a set for $115–ship for free. They will come sleeved on archival mat board.  Click on image for larger view.  Paper size is approx 7×9.

Fruit • image 4×6 • oil on paper, monoprint • SOLD 

Fruit & Pitcher • image 4×6 • oil on paper, monoprint • Purchase

Clementines • image 4×6 • oil on paper, monoprint • Purchase

Rolling Fruit • image 4×6 • oil on paper, monoprint • Purchase