Cat in the Box

Cat in the Box • oil on canvas • SOLD

Kitties love boxes and I love kitties, so I thought I’d share a couple of recent cat in the box pet portraits I have done.  So cute, right?  My cat, Chickpea, just hopped into a box in my studio which is what prompted me to share these paintings.  Cats are soooo funny!

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Holiday Pet Portraits & Commissions

Holiday Pet Portraits & Commissions

If you’ve been thinking of getting a pet portrait for a loved one or having a special landscape painted, now is the time to place your order for the holidays. :-). You can order a pet portrait from my shop or you can just send me an email to request a commission piece.  I am always happy to do payment plans of 2-3 payments if it helps you to spread it out.  Just let me know.  I look forward to creating special gifts for you to give this year.  Enjoy the winter wonderland & the rest of the weekend! xoxo


Stella – 10×10 – oil on canvas – SOLD

Happy 16th Birthday, Neve!

Love, Stella 🐾💕

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Willow • oil on canvas • 8×10 • SOLD

And now for a special birthday pup & message …
To my loving wife,  I wish you a happy birthday and offer you an eternal happiness with a memory of our beloved Willow frozen in time on canvas. Happy birthday!  Your loving husband, Thomas
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Just a little nite to say hi!  I have been spending lots of time in my studio catching up on some commission work.  So many cute pets.   And many I cannot share yet.  Meet Henry & Phoebe–love these critters!  Happy Spring!

Pets & Sunsets: THANK YOU

I had so much fun painting your precious pets & sunsets–thank you for playing along with me!  I am grateful for you.  :-). Here are the 18 paintings I completed for the Pets & Sunsets contest.  I didn’t get to paint everyone’s pet or sunset photo, but I am happy to paint yours if you’d like.  I still have 6 12×12 canvases left & would be happy to extend the $200 offer to the first 6 who want to grab it.  Just click here to do so.  And if you miss out or prefer another size, use this coupon code PETSANDSUNSETS15 to place an order under pet portraits (even if it’s a sunrise) by 4/30 in whatever size you’d like.  The catch is, I must have received your pic by the March 12th deadline.

Thanks again & happy SPRING!  xoxoxo

Pets & Sunsets 9

Dog Wash & Treehouse Sunset

12×12 • oil on canvas • Pet SOLD – Sunset $200

This little pup rolled in turkey poo & needed a bath.  Ha!  They can be soooooo lovable and disgusting at the same time.  :-). And here’s a Fripp Island sunset next to the treehouse where I’ve been all month–such a treat to enjoy this South Carolina landscape and sunshine.

The sunset painting is open to all–click here for purchase.

THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR PHOTO SUBMISSIONS!  This concludes my pets & sunsets contest–if you submitted a photo & I did not get to paint it, I will have a special offer for you tomorrow and I will post all 18 paintings for you to check out in a grid.  :-). Thanks again–I am grateful for you for playing along &  for your support!  xoxo

Pets & Sunsets 8

Oakie & Good Morning, Sunshine

12×12 • oil on canvas • SOLD

I’m still plugging away at the Pets & Sunsets paintings!  I wanted to finish them all before I headed down to South Carolina for the month of April, but that didn’t happen, so in between vacation fun, household projects & walks on the beach I have been painting.  Here is #8 in the series.  Meet lil Oakie–what a cutie & I think he’s ready for a walk or a treat … or both!  And here’s a South Carolina sunrise over the ocean waves–such a magical start to the day. This painting was really fun for me as it has lots of abstract qualities that mimic the feeling you get when looking right into the sunshine.  The sunrise painting is open to all for purchase.


Pets & Sunsets 7

Cooper Doodle – SOLD  & Carvers Harbor Sunrise

12×12 • oil on canvas • $200

(sunrise painting available for purchase)

Cooper Doodle … I just love this little face.  How can you resist those hopeful eyes?  I know, you can’t. :-).  And Carvers Harbor on Vinalhaven is magic at any time of day with the hustle & bustle of all of the boats … but there is something extra special about sunrise.  This sunrise painting is up for grabs as it is one of my own sunrise shots.  :-). I have painted this scene before on a small scale, so it was fun for me to get to paint on the 12×12 scale.

Click here to purchase the Vinalhaven Sunrise painting:  SUNSET 7

Pets & Sunset 6

Lily & Sunset Over Portland

12x12s • oil on canvas • SOLD

Lily. Such a cool close of this gorgeous kitty!  And then the sunset over Portland from South Portland is so pretty … great place to watch the summer sunset indeed!