Spring Point Summer

6×6 • oil on canvas • $95 • purchase link

I guess this week is lighthouse week. 🙂 I was scrolling through some pics and got stuck on a few summer ones. This view of Spring Point from Willard Beach is just awesome. I have painted this scene before an a larger scale, but couldn’t resist the cheer and warmth it offered as I looked out the window at falling snow.

Head Light Morning

Head Light Morning • 6×6 • oil on canvas • $95

We took a morning ride over to admire the Portland Head Light over the weekend (in those single digit temps) and it was as beautiful as ever.  I love the big wreath and bow on it.  The other cool thing we noticed was the gorgeous new fence off to the right of the lighthouse along the rocky ledges–so much prettier than the chain link–can’t wait to see it with the roses in bloom.

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Spring Point Through the Roses

Spring Point Through the Roses • 24×24 • oil on canvas • SOLD

I have missed you, but know that Summer has been packed with family, friends, fun, time in and on the water & of course lots of painting despite my lack of posts.  I am beyond grateful to say that my commission work has keeps me busy in the studio most days!  Lots of sweet critters being painted!

I have also had some time to work on some larger pieces which I absolutely love to do.  Here’a piece that I did of Spring Point as seen through the rose bushes at Willard Beach.  This view always takes my breath away!  Hope you like it too.  🙂


Pets & Sunset 4

Day Break at the Head Light & Happy Boston

12x12s • oil on canvas • SOLD

This day break … stunning, huh?  I just love the silhouette of the Head Light & the hope that day break brings.  So peaceful.  And I couldn’t resist painting this Boston Terrier as it reminded me of our ball obsessed Zoe. When there is a ball around, playing with it is the ONLY thing on her mind.  :-).

If I used YOUR image & you would like the painting, please click here for PET & here for SUNSET.  

If you are interested in either of these paintings, please stay tuned until I open purchase info to all.




Bug Light Moonrise

Bug Light Moonrise • 10×10 • oil on canvas • SOLD

I love a good moonrise.  And I love painting the night.  Here’s a magical scene I witnessed back in November.  So pretty!  I think I forgot to post this painting awhile back.

Spring Point Etching

Spring Point • 5×7 • etching • $45

My first etching on my press!  :-). I actually worked on the copper plate of this image in the fall & chickened out of printing more than a couple of trial runs.  Today I got my nerve up & printed a series of 8 of these.  They are all printed from the same copper plate on archival paper, but they vary slighty as they are done by hand–the beauty of printmaking!  The paper size is approximately 8×12.  They will all be signed & numbered (but weren’t ready for that at the time I took the picture).  I love Spring Point Light!

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Spring at the Head Light

Spring at the Head Light • 4×6 • monoprint, oil on paper • $35

I just can’t get enough of the Head Light.  🙂  It doesn’t really matter at what angle you view it from, it”s just a striking Portland landmark.  So much beauty at Fort Williams.  Soon all of the snow will be gone & the grass will turn from brown to green & kite flyers will litter the fields–I am looking forward to that!

Comes sleeved on archival mat board/signed & numbered 1/1.

 Paper size is approx 7×9.

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Portland Head Light Dusk

Portland Head Light Dusk • 5×5 • oil on canvas • SOLD 

  1. An imagined dusk at the Head Light from one of my recent walks.  Colorful, moody & scenic.  🙂 Here’s to the arrival of Spring!

The Portland Head Light

The Portland Head Light • 8×8 • oil on canvas •SOLD

Spring is in the air, the days are longer & everything just looks brighter, which makes time outdoors even more special.  I took a couple of walks around the Portland Head Light recently in the late afternoon &  I was so inspired by the beauty & the light.  Here’s a painting of the Head Light from one of the dog walking trails.  I just love this place!

The Morning After the Storm

The Morning After the Storm • 6×6 • oil on canvas • SOLD

The blizzard hit hard yesterday!  The snow came down 2-3 inches an hour for awhile … it was insane … but thankfully we woke up to pure sunshine today.  I wasn’t able to go for an early morning walk with the pups because it meant climbing a 6 foot mountain of snow just to get to the street & they weren’t up for that.  Instead I shoveled a path to the street, came in had breakfast & then we all headed out for a walk around the neighborhood.  I love strolling the hood after a storm … it’s fun to walk in the snow covered streets & take in the brightness of it all.  Here’s a view looking down O’Brion Street to Spring Point.  Love this view!