October Prom

Morning Light Show • 8×8 • oil on canvas • $135 • purchase link
Autumn Afternoon Light on the Prom • 8×16 • oil on canvas • $245 •purchase link
October Day Break (with crescent moon) • 8×8 • oil on canvas • $135 • purchase link

This week’s theme is the Eastern Promenade in October.

I never take for granted getting to live on the Maine Coast and on Munjoy Hill. I start every morning with a dog walk on the Eastern Prom and end every work day with with an off leash stroll with Zoe through some of the trails on the Eastern Prom. It is always a gift–especially in October.

Being near the water and looking out at Fort Gorges and the Casco Bay Islands feeds my soul and definitely inspires some painting! The pre-dawn light is often so bold and peaceful and magical all at the same time. And then the golden light of the afternoon sun is just breathtaking. Seeing the happy sail boats bouncing around in the harbor is an added bonus. In case you can’t tell, I love where I live. 🙂

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The Portland Observatory

Munjoy Hill from the Water • 24×30 • oil on canvas • SOLD
Autumn Observatory • 6×6 • oil on canvas • $95 • purchase link
The Top of the Hill • 24×30 • oil on canvas • SOLD

My favorite city landmark is without a doubt the Portland Observatory. I love the way it stands so tall and proud, keeping watch over my neighborhood, the city and Casco Bay. And the burnt orange shingle siding and the teal trim are just so happy. Simply put, the Observatory brings me joy every single day. I try to climb up to the top at least once a year to admire the amazing view and to remember the cool history behind it. It was built in 1807 and was a signaling tower that would raise flags to notify merchants in town about the ships that were headed in t the docks. Here are a few paintings of the Observatory from different vantage points. I hope you enjoy them!

Long Time No Post & New Collections Coming!

Casco Bay paddle

WOW! How on earth have almost 5 months flown by without a post? Geez. I have missed you! Life got in the way and I just had to roll with it. I feel as though I am on track to find my groove again and look forward to sharing new work with you each week. And rest assured that despite this long absence, I have been painting quite a bit and keeping up with my many pet portrait commissions, which is always fun.

So, where have I been? Well, I spent part of May, all of June and part of July helping care for my father-in-law who was undergoing a very intensive cancer treatment at Dana Farber in Boston. It was a draining stretch for everyone and we’re all moving forward and hoping he will hang on for a long time to come –I so admire his positive outlook and playful, jokester nature.

In early July I took part in the East End Open Studios Tour and turned my driveway and back yard patio into a little garden gallery. We had lots of visitors come through & quite a few paintings found new homes. YAY! Always a fun day on the East End in Portland.

Rooftop Bar sunset with my partner

From there I traveled up to my family’s summer camp in North Hero, Vermont for 10 days which was a treat and filled with swimming, biking, eating, drinking, boating and just hanging out with family & friends.

When I returned to Maine in August I worked hard to catch up on all of my commission work as I knew I would be out of commission for all of September due to an upcoming hip replacement. So in between work and surgery prep appointments, we managed to squeeze in some Maine summer fun where we could … by ourselves, with friends and family, and with overnight guests too! Phew–fantastic and exhausting. And then before I knew it, August 30th was here–the date of my surgery.

cuddles from a furry nurse post surgery

My hip replacement surgery went great, thanks to an awesome team at Maine Med, and I was up and moving around within a few hours! Truly amazing when you really think about it. I returned home the next day and have been working my way up the recovery ladder ever since (if you are curious about my recovery, I have shared some of my journey on my @girlgoneraw Instagram account). I am now feeling pretty good–I’m walking a lot, doing the stationary bike and lots of PT exercises too. I have managed to completed 8 paintings since my surgery, but I am really just getting back in the studio this week, as sitting and standing for any length of time have been challenging up until recently.

So, that’s where I have been and I’m so happy to be back! My plan moving forward is to pick a theme each week and do 2-4 paintings that relate to the theme and then share the collection here with you. This week’s theme is the Portland Observatory, so stay tuned for new paintings tomorrow. If you are interested in following along with me, please join me on Instagram @fraserartstudio! I hope you are well and enjoying a gorgeous Autumn. Such a magical time of year.

xoxo In love & color, Elizabeth

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