Carver’s Harbor Sunset


Carver’s Harbor Sunset • 5×5 • oil on canvas • SOLD

I was headed over to Lane’s Island to watch the full moon rise & this was the unexpected treat I got from the bridge.  I love the silhouette of the shores & the boats in the harbor … the afterglow of the sunset was just lovely!  And the moonrise wasn’t bad either.  🙂

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Bowl of Apples


Bowl of Apples • 6×6 • oil on canvas • $95

The Maine apples are delicious!  I can’t decide what to make with these … apple crisp, apple sauce, apple pie … decisions.  So yummy!  Crunch.

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Sunset Glow, Hurricane Sound


Sunset Glow, Hurricane Sound • 5×5 • oil on canvas • SOLD

The granite rocks on the Vinalhaven shore are so gorgeous … they have all kinds of colors in them & at sunset, they glow this golden pink, orange & purple.  It’s just gorgeous with all of the pine trees, water & islands too.  Pinch me!

Fog at the Basin, Vinalhaven


Fog at the Basin, Vinalhaven – 5×5 – oil on canvas – SOLD

I got to witness some moody, misty weather on the island which was so cool! I rode my bike down to Granite Island Preserve on Tuesday afternoon to walk in the woods & check out the shoreline of the Basin.  I had walked a bunch of trails at this point, but here the earth below my feet was soft like pillows & the smell of pine was delicious. It was amazing! And when I arrived at the first lookout I was greeted by what sounded like barking dogs. After some searching, I realized there were several seals perched on a ledge talking at me. They were so cute! They splashed a little and made some more noise and then sat quietly observing.  What an awesome experience.  I just love fog and mist on the Maine coast!

Reflections, Huber Preserve, Vinalhaven


Reflections, Huber Preserve, Vinalhaven – 5×5 – oil on canvas – SOLD

I took a bike tour of the island yesterday and decided to stop at the Huber Preserve. The walk was a feast for my senses. The smell of the pine trees was intoxicating and when I reached the  shoreline,  the sounds of the fish jumping and the ducks swimming and talking was constant & mesmerizing. Wow! I was immersed in nature …  such a tranquil spot with gorgeous autumn views.

Lane’s Island, Vinalhaven – diptych


Lane’s Island, Vinalhaven – diptych

5x5s – oil on canvas – SOLD

I arrived on Vinalhaven yesterday afternoon for a getaway with bike & paints.  I dropped off my bag & hopped on my bicycle and went for a ride to Lane’s Island Preserve. What a gorgeous spot.  I walked a narrow path through the woods that opened onto a field that offered this view. Simply breathtaking. It was warm when I arrived, but after my walk around the Preserve the sky darkened and the winds kept whipping. By the time I finished painting,  a hot shower was in order–I was chilled to the bone. But so worth it!

Colors of Fall


Colors of Fall • 5×5 • oil on canvas • $75

I love this time of year … the fall foliage, the crisp air, the warm golden light of the afternoon sun.  It’s just so beautiful!  This is a painting I did last year, but I thought I’d re-share it with you as it is a wonderful reflection of the season.  🙂  It’s a dirt road scene from Borestone Mountain.

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Apples • 6×6 • oil on canvas • SOLD 

I love apples!  They are beautiful to look at & make the perfect fast food snack.  Mother nature is amazing!  I also love them in a raw apple pie or crisp.  So good!  Crunch.

Reflections on Sunset Pond


Reflections on Sunset Pond • 5×5 • oil on canvas • SOLD

It doesn’t matter what the weather is like at Borestone–it’s beautiful in any setting.  This particular afternoon we had some sprinkles, but the stillness & reflections called to me, so I grabbed the paints & sat on a log at the edge of Sunset Pond & painted.  The red maple tree that sits next to the lodge is a show stopper for sure. So much beauty here!

Summit View, Borestone Mountain


Summit View, Borestone Mountain • 5×5 • oil on canvas • $75

I got to visit Borestone Mountain last week with a bunch of girlfriends & we had an incredible time enjoying the woods, the views, the foliage, good food & lots of laughter. Last Friday we hiked up to the summit & I had my painting backpack in tow.  It was so gorgeous to sit perched on the rocks & paint one of the many breathtaking views.  I hope you get to enjoy a little Autumn magic too.

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