Chester • 20×20 • oil on canvas • SOLD

Isn’t he the cutest?!  Love this pup.  WOOF!

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Prouts Neck Vista


Prouts Neck Vista • 5×7 • oil on canvas • $95

I went for a little painting excursion this morning along the Winslow Homer trail in Prouts Neck.  The smell of the wild roses was delicious, as was the breeze … and the scenery wasn’t bad either!  I perched myself on a warm rock & painted the view towards Scarborough Beach.  Everywhere you look is a painting waiting to happen.  So beautiful!

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Lupines • 5×5 • oil on canvas • SOLD

It’s lupine season & I saw soooooo many of them on the 3rd day of the Trek Across Maine.  They were growing wild all along the roads & I just love them … have I mentioned that purple is my favorite color.  🙂

Strawberry Moon Over Casco Bay


Strawberry Moon Over Casco Bay • 5×7 • oil on canvas • SOLD

We walked down to Fort Allen on the Eastern Prom the other night to watch the moon come up over the bay.  It was a blustery night, the sky above was crystal clear, but the sky at the horizon was hazy.  We watched & waited & suddenly a faint pink ball appeared.  So soft, so pretty.  It grew brighter as it climbed.  It’s always so nice to take time out & enjoy the natural beauty that surrounds us.  Here’s June’s Strawberry Moon with Fort Gorges & couple of the Casco Bay Islands for you.

Carrabasett River


Carrabasett River • 6×6 • oil on canvas • SOLD

I rode my bike in the Trek Across Maine over the weekend & the scenery was spectacular!  We followed the Carrabasett River for awhile on the second day & got to stop & enjoy the view for a few minutes at a small bridge.  Isn’t it stunning?



Rainbow Over Casco Bay • 5×5 • oil on canvas • SOLD

We’ve had some moody weather over the past week, which I love … I’m always looking for those special moments & last week we had one.  A rainstorm blew in over the bay while the sun was shining.  Rainbows are pure magic … not only are they beautiful to witness, but they give us a feeling of love & hope & I think we all need to that message more than ever right now.  So here’s to peace & love for all of humanity.

Scarborough Marsh


Scarborough Marsh • 5×5 • oil on canvas • SOLD

Another painting inspired by a ride ride through the Scarborough Marsh … it’s just so beautiful!  Sky, land, water, reflections … it doesn’t get any better.  🙂



Garden • 5×5 • oil on canvas • SOLD

I was riding my bike on Sunday morning in the thick fog & drizzle & was blown away by the colors popping out of this yard on Mitchell Rd.  These azalea bushes were so vibrant when nothing else was … visibility was limited on the roads & along the coast it was zero!  Sometimes these unexpected bursts of color make for the most joyful surprises.

Bug Light


Bug Light • 5×5 • oil on canvas • SOLD

I love this little mini-lighthouse.  I’ve taken lots of Spring bike rides by it in preparation for the Trek Across Maine & it’s always such a welcome view.  I can see my neighborhood from Bug Light & watching the comings & goings of the boats in the harbor is fun … & on a windy day there are always a few kite flyers around too.  This Bug’s for you!  🙂

Donate to my 3 day, 180 mile bike ride across Maine for the American Lung Association HERE.  🙂



Irises • 6×6 • oil on canvas • SOLD

It’s that time of year again.  I can’t let the iris season go by without a painting.  I just love these flowers … & purple is my favorite color.  We had the most gorgeous bearded irises at my family’s summer camp in Vermont & now I have some in my own front yard.   Love.