Beets • 5×5 • oil on canvas • SOLD


Autumn at Gilsland Farm


Autumn at Gilsland Farm • 5×7 • oil on canvas • SOLD

I sat in the field looking out through the cliffside trees at the marshy shoreline and autumn trees to paint this one.  It was pure joy to bask in the sunlight & take in this view.  The wind blew, the birds chirped and I felt surrounded by peace.  It’s so important to escape into nature as often as we can and just be.  Ahhhh, such a gift!

Sugar Magnolia


Sugar Magnolia • 10×10 • oil on canvas • SOLD

This is Sugar Magnolia.  Isn’t she a doll!?  I love her fluffy fur & her adorable name. What a treat to get to paint her.


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Tall October Trees, Gilsland Farm


Tall October Trees, Gilsland Farm • 5×5 • oil on canvas • SOLD

I went on a plein air painting excursion last week to Gilsland Farm in Falmouth & it was so lovely to meander the trails & sit in the grass & admire the sounds of nature, the autumn colors & this gorgeous little forest of tall trees.

Tonka & Trout


Tonka & Trout • 11×14 • SOLD

I love these pups!  They belong to sweet friends & neighbors & sadly they had to say goodbye to darling Tonks over the Summer.  She was a gem of a pup!  I am glad she is now frolicking with her East End puppy friends on the other side of the rainbow bridge where there are unlimited swims, tennis balls (she could hold 2 or 3 in her mouth at a time) & rocks too.



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