Summer on the Prom

Summer on the Prom • 5×7 • oil on canvas • SOLD

I sat on the Eastern Prom yesterday under a tree in the shade & painted.  It was delightful to feel the warm breeze & watch the boats in the harbor come & go.  I had my pups with me too & they were so content lounging in the cool grass, sniffing the ocean air. I never get tired of this view of Fort Gorges & the Casco Bay Islands. Happiness.

Sleepy Pup

Sleepy Pup • 10×10 • oil on canvas • SOLD

I love seeing sleepy pups … there’s nothing cuter than a dog that is crashed out.  Same goes with 2 legged kiddos.  🙂

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Summer Sunset Over the Back Cove

Summer Sunset Over the Back Cove • 5×5 • oil on canvas • $75

Sunsets are magical at any time of year, but it’s especially nice to sit outside on a warm summer’s night & watch it go down.  I got to witness this sunset from Fort Sumner Park on North Street a little while back … the sky was incredible!

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Summer Clouds & Sailboat

Summer Clouds & Sailboat • 5×5 • oil on canvas • SOLD

We went for a lovely SUP paddle yesterday from Falmouth Town Landing.  There were so many boats to paddle between … hundreds … which was fun.  This sailboat was at the edge of the boat mass & it looked stunning against the low clouds & still water.  We live in such a gorgeous place.

Starry Night II

Starry Night II • 8×8 • SOLD 

A painting from the show we did in Hudson, Ohio, in honor of my dad’s retirement.

All of us love Van Gogh and my dad & I have both spent time in France, where Van Gogh spent much of his time painting, and we’ve seen many Van Gogh paintings & exhibits over the years.  It only seemed fitting that  I do a couple of square Van Gogh inspired paintings to include in our show. So here’s an interpretation of his “Starry Night”.  Cheers to Vincent!

Happy Pups

Happy Pups • 16×20 • oil on canvas • SOLD

Nothing makes these pups happier than being together & playing at Fort Williams.  And that sounds mighty fine to me too! Can I go, can I go?!

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Farmers’ Market Flowers

Farmers’ Market Flowers • 6×6 • oil on canvas • SOLD

The Portland Farmers’ Market is BURSTING with color in the form of fresh produce, bouquets of flowers & potted plants … it is truly a feast for the eyes!  Thank you, farmers, for the amazing work you all do!

Sunflower Joy

Sunflower Joy • 6×6 oil on canvas • SOLD

We were at a party recently & these gorgeous sunflowers were on display on the deck.  We couldn’t help but admire them & then of course, I had to turn them into a painting, this way they will last forever.  That’s the beauty of floral paintings.  Stay tuned, another one coming tomorrow.


HOME, Lancaster, Ontario • 8×8 • oil on canvas • SOLD

 A painting from the show we did in Hudson, Ohio, in honor of my dad’s retirement.

My dad grew up on a farm in a small town an hour west of Montreal with his 3 younger siblings.  A simple farmhouse in rural Ontario on the edge of corn fields and a forest.  I have fond memories of visiting my grandparents here in the Summer and getting honey from the bee hives, playing with the kittens, picking potatoes, eating supper with the family.



Machupicchu, Peru • 20×20 • oil on canvas • $400

A painting from the show we did in Hudson, Ohio, in honor of my dad’s retirement.

   My dad has had a love affair with South America since he stepped foot there over 50 years.  I got to visit Machupicchu with him in the late 90s and it was a magical, mystical and other worldly trip.  I will always treasure the memories of that adventure.

My dad has taken groups of students to visit Machupicchu at least a dozen times over the years and I know that those trips were highlights of their travels too.  Thanks for sharing the wonders of Machupicchu with so many of us, Daddy!

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