Channeling Vincent

8×8 • oil on canvas • Lugares Exhibit

I have been busy getting ready for an art show in my home town of Hudson, Ohio!  I am so excited for this show that I am collaborating on with my brother, Mike, of  The show is titles called “Lugares, oil paintings of places that have touched Señor Fraser’s life.”  Señor is our dad & he is retiring after 48 years of teaching & coaching at Western Reserve Academy.  He has had a remarkable career and touched so many lives, so we thought it would be fun to do a show that centers around his travels and loves.  All three of us love Van Gogh and my dad & I have both spent time in France, where Van Gogh spent much of his time painting, and we’ve seen many Van Gogh paintings & exhibits over the years.  It only seemed fitting that  I do a couple of square Van Gogh inspired paintings to include in our show. Cheers to Vincent!   Details about the “Lugares” show HERE!  We would love to have you drop by!

Cherry Blossoms – Spring is Here

Cherry Blossoms – Spring is Here • 5×5 • oil on canvas • $75

It has taken a long time, but Spring has arrived!  The blossoming trees are glowing, leaves are starting ro appear & the grass is turning green.  Thank goodness–It has been a long haul!  Yesterday I wandered the neighborhood with my niece & nephew & we couldn’t resist a couple of blossoming branches.  Thank you for sharing your beauty with us neighbors & trees.  🙂

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