High Tide Shacks

High Tide Shacks • 5×5 • oil on canvas • SOLD

Ahhh, spending time with my favorite shacks is always a treat … there is something about them that just speaks to me.  I so look forward to some beach time at Willard this Summer so I can just chill out & admire the amazing view.  You can see so many stunning landmarks from this beach!

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Night Falls at the Head Light

Night Falls at the Head Light • 5×5 • oil on canvas • SOLD

The days have been a little gray & I have been uninspired in the studio, so I decided to pause & spend time painting 2 of my favorite subject matters … THe Portland Head Light & the shacks at Willard Beach.  Sometmes it just feels good to spend time with some old friends.  Love Fort Williams & look forward to frolicking in some green grass with the sun beating down on me.  Fingers crossed that this happens sooner rather than later!

One Cool Pup

Funny, huh?  Painting this pooch made me chuckle & smile the entire time.  What a cutie all dressed up & ready for a photo shoot or the runway!  WOOF!

10×10 • oil on canvas • SOLD

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Scarborough Marsh, Spring Thaw

We took the pups to Pine Point Beach for a fabulous run in the sand a couple of weeks ago.  It was still chilly out, but the sun was shining bright.  Ahhhh … nothing like a walk on the beach to feed your soul.  Anyways, on the way home I had to pull over to admire the marsh–it was exquisite in snow, grass & sun.

April Sunrise

Spring is in the air!  The Eastern Prom is clear of snow & the days are getting longer & brighter … such a treat!  I was headed out to yoga yesterday & could see the sky glowing, so I headed down to the prom to catch a glimpse of the sun coming up–so beautiful!  Pinch me.

Tea for Two

A few weeks ago I enjoyed a cup of tea with a friend at the Portland Pottery Cafe.  It was such a fun place to have tea.  We drank out of these gorgeous mugs & were surrounded by all kinds of  fun pots.  I highly recommend a visit.