Spring on Munjoy Hill

Spring on Munjoy Hill • 6×6 • oil on canvas • SOLD

I’m telling you, there is a painting around every corner up here on Munjoy Hill & with everything in bloom, it is pure magic!  I can’t remember which street I was on, maybe St. Lawrence, but any street that gives me a glimpse of Spring Point Lighthouse is a favorite.


Tulips • 5×5 • oil on canvas • SOLD

I can’t let the tulip season escape without a painting!  Here are some lovely red tulips that I discovered on my walk around the neighborhood the other day.  oh, how I love Spring!

The Beautiful Rocky Coast

The Beautiful Rocky Coast • 5×5 • oil on canvas • SOLD

I can get lost for hours on the rocky ledges of the Maine coast (providing I am dressed for the weather).  I love to witness the crashing surf & feel the mist in the air … & the smell of the salt air is delicious!  Ahhhh, it’s just heavenly!

Mid-morning View of Fort Gorges

Mid-morning View of Fort Gorges • 5×5 • oil on canvas • SOLD

Pretty mid-morning view of Casco Bay & Fort Gorges from the Eastern Prom … ahhhh!  I could look out here all day.

Morning on Casco Bay

Morning on Casco Bay • 5×5 • oil on canvas • SOLD

This morning I decided to head out & paint on location … it was so nice to sit in Fort Allen Park & watch the water sparkle along with Spring Popint Lighthouse.  What a peaceful start to the day … AHHH!  Have a great weekend!