Rascally Goat

Rascally Goat • 10×10 • oil on canvas • SOLD

This lil’ goat wants some attention!  Pet me, feed me, let me bite your sleeve!  Pet me, feed me!  I love goats … they are so cute & mischievous.  I often wonder if I could manage having one as pet.  Hmmmm.  🙂

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Peonies • 10×10 • oil on canvas • SOLD

The sun is shining & I felt a great need to get outside this morning!  I grabbed my paints and headed over to Maine Audubon to visit the peony garden & what a treat it was!  The peonies are in full bloom not only are the gorgeous, they smell divine.  WIth the sun peeking up over the tall evergreens and the morning dew glistening on the flower petals, I sat in the wet grass, soaking up the sun & breathing in the beauty of the peonies.  What a way to start the day.  SO BEAUTIFUL!

Summer Morn on the Eastern Prom

Summer Morn on the Eastern Prom • 10×10 • oil on canvas • SOLD

After a LONG stretch of rain, we have had some much deserved Summer sunshine.  Ahhhhhhhhhh!  Yesterday morning was so bright and crisp–I grabbed my partner & our fast walking Boston Terrior (Maxi our 14 yr old hound stayed home to hold down his beddie) & headed out for a walk along our oceanside promenade trail.  It was picture perfect out … sun, a slight breeze, wild roses in bloom, boats on their moorings.  How could I not paint this gorgeous scene?


VEGGIES! • 10×10 • oil on canvas • $135

I was looking through some of my photos from a recent trip to NYC & came across a colorful picture of the Union Square Farmers’ Market.  How could I resist?!  Yummmmmmm!

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Merrill Street at Dusk

Merrill Street at Dusk • 5×5 • oil on canvas • SOLD

A few nights ago I was looking out the window at the clouds just before dark & this is what I saw.  I love the telephone pole, lamp post, the lights on in the house & the clouds above.  And I love painting the moodiness of dusk.  Cheers to many wonderful summer evenings to come!

Sarah’s Poppies

Sarah’s Poppies • 8×8 • oil on canvas • SOLD

It’s so exciting to see flowers bloom.  Every week seems to bring a new flower to life & it’s like seeing long lost friends.  First it was the lilacs and then the irises and now the poppies … I love poppies!  And my friend Sarah’s yard is bursting with poppy color.  So pretty!